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Issue reports discuss important trade implications from around the world

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Reports on China and Europe explore important trade topics.

Farm Foundation, an accelerator of practical solutions for agriculture, has recently published two issue reports focused on trade, one on trade with China and the other on the agricultural component of the European Green Deal, known as Farm to Fork.

“Thought leadership on agricultural trade is one of the pillars of Farm Foundation’s work,” said Farm Foundation President and CEO Shari Rogge-Fidler. “These Farm Foundation issue reports provide thoughtful context for important geopolitical dynamics in a broadly approachable manner, while also providing key insights useful at all levels of the industry.”

The Future of Food and Agricultural Trade with China” was written by Farm Foundation Agricultural Economics Trade Fellow Dr. Amanda Countryman. She is also an associate professor in the department of agricultural resource economics at Colorado State University. The issue report provides a summary of insights gained from agriculture stakeholders on the future of U.S. agricultural trade with China. Farm Foundation partnered with KCoe Isom, renamed in August 2022 as Pinion, to convene leaders across the U.S. food and agriculture supply chain to discuss a wide range of challenges and opportunities for the U.S. trade relationship with China. Key themes include the need for trust and stability, pressures of increased input prices and supply-chain challenges, food security and production priorities, and trade policy that all affect the affordability and availability of agricultural products globally.

A Primer on Farm to Fork: European Agriculture in Transition?” was written by Bill Bryant, founder of Bryant Christie Inc., a firm that assists food producers and manufacturers with their international regulatory affairs. This issue report provides an overview of the EU’S Farm to Fork initiative, its possible impact on agricultural production levels and food prices and examines some of the issues that will need to be addressed if Farm to Fork is to secure its multifaceted objectives. It is a continuation of a conversation moderated by Bryant in an April 2021 Farm Foundation Forum, Understanding the EU Farm to Fork Strategy and Its Implications for U.S. Agriculture.

Both reports are free to download at the Farm Foundation Food and Agricultural Trade Resource Center, in the Trade Analyses and Trade Basics sections. Farm Foundation established this resource to bring clarity to trade discussions and enable productive debate and dialogue on trade policy issues.

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