barn fans
Three hog barns reflected on a manure lagoon in the foreground
MAPHEX was designed to be a mobile system that fits on two large flatbed trailers to service a number of small- or medium-size dairies. If it is scaled up to have the capacity to treat manure from a large dairy, it would no longer be mobile.
Hog Barn near soybean field
The Maschhoffs recently built a state-of-the-art 2,500-head sow farm in southern Illinois — Bear Grove, a genetic nucleus farm.
barn with fans
Group sow housing should be designed with the sows’ needs in mind.
Chase Pladsen, a full-time student at Iowa State University, is also getting a good start in the swine industry, adding to his Red Angus cattle herd.
The Reed family uses an onsite covered composter for mortalities It features a concrete floor and three bays to help manage the composting process The composter greatly adds to our biosecurity and also saves money as compared to using a rendering service Ryan says A local sawmill provides the wood chips for the composter
End of a hog barn with a wall of fans