Moore joins Bioverse's Healthy Farms as brand strategist

Former director of environmental services for New Fashion Pork recently received the 2024 Minnesota Pork Producers Environmental Steward Award.

April 3, 2024

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Minnesota Pork Board

Bioverse, Inc. has announced the appointment of pork industry veteran Jay Moore as its first ever brand strategist.

Moore is well-positioned to lead the company’s Healthy Farms division’s initiative to expand market presence, establish strategic partnerships and drive innovation to meet the needs of producers to effectively treat livestock manure in a safe and all-natural manner.

“We are delighted to add Jay to our team. Healthy Farms has an expansive suite of products that have three prong benefits; creating an improved nutrient package, increasing environmental safety within the barn, and generating a ROI for the producer. Jay’s extensive industry knowledge and reputation position him well to share these benefits,” said Lori Henning, president of Bioverse, Inc.

Moore has deep knowledge and insight of the environmental rules and challenges facing livestock producers. Most recently, he served as director of environmental services for New Fashion Pork based in Jackson, Minnesota. Prior to that position, he was environmental manager/air quality coordinator for Seaboard Farms in Holyoke, Colorado.

A native of Austin, Texas, Moore earned his bachelor’s degree in environmental science from East Central University in Ada, Oklahoma, and a master’s degree in environmental health science from the University of Oklahoma. He moved to Minnesota in 2003, where he supported the state’s pork industry as a board member of the Minnesota Pork Producers Association for 10 years, and as president of the MPPA in 2016-17. Moore has been active with the National Pork Producer Council as a board member of the environmental policy committee, and multiple working task forces. His leadership roles with the National Pork Board and Minnesota Pork Board culminated with him receiving the 2024 Minnesota Pork Producers Environmental Steward Award.

“I am excited about this new opportunity to help drive Healthy Farms growth with its innovative agricultural solutions product portfolio,” Moore says. “As a long-time customer of Healthy Farms, I have a deep understanding of how to leverage its products to bring added value to farmers. They benefit by enhancing the nutrient value of their manure which requires less manure on their fields, allowing them to sell to other farmers creating a new revenue stream. This approach helps establish a sustainable and environmentally friendly nutrient management program.”

Healthy Farms offers its unique AGRASLAT deep pit delivery corn-based dispenser that contains a patented blend of bacteria and microbes. The AgraSlat, when paired with our Healthy Farms nitrogen stabilizer creates a consistent liquid nutrient that also sequesters nitrous oxide in the manure. The stabilizer keeps the plant-available nitrates in the right place for plant uptake which reduces the mobilization of the nitrogen. The AGRASLAT dispenser safely biodegrades in the deep pit during several months of use.

In addition to the AGRASLAT deep pit manure treatment, Bioverse’s Healthy Farms product portfolio includes a natural defoamer, compost inoculant, compost activator, crust eliminator, feed spill digester, lagoon treatments, odor control products and liquid and biological pest controls.

Bioverse was formed in 1995 as a research and development company focused on creating safe and innovative ways to improve pond water quality by using microbials. In 2008, Bioverse was bought by two veterinarians and a successful international businessman.

The Healthy Farms division of Bioverse provides safe and all-natural solutions to effectively treat livestock manure. The origin of this research and resulting products can be traced back, in part, to 2003 when Conrad Schmidt was hired by New Fashion Pork of Jackson, Minnesota, to design a safe and all-natural livestock manure treatment system.

Bioverse has since expanded its Healthy Farms line of manure nutrient management products and offers products for animal wellness and row crops, selling throughout the United States.

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