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Hog Cloning

Cloning Service

ViaGen, Inc.

ViaGen offers pork producers an opportunity to improve the genetics of their breeding herd by reproducing genetically identical animals through the cloning process. Producers can select the appropriate animals to clone based on their internal needs, such as feed conversion, marbling, or reproductive qualities. ViaGen’s gene banking capabilities allow pork producers to collect tissue from their most promising animals and preserve their genetics via ViaGen’s CryoSure gene banking system. This insures the genetics are not lost for future use and allows time for the producer to analyze production data before making a cloning selection. ViaGen also has a state-of-the art animal genomics laboratory that provides marker-assisted breeding, animal identification traceback and breed identification services.

Learn more at, or call 706-546-5885.
Visit Booth No. 2770 CB at World Pork Expo.

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