Hendrix Genetics, HerdWhistle Technologies to advance precision swine farming

Firms have jointly developed an automated phenotypic multispectral imaging system to acquire data on pigs.

March 22, 2024

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Canadian-based, precision-livestock company HerdWhistle Technologies Inc. is partnering with Hendrix Genetics, global multi-species animal genetic company, to develop and market precision farming technology. The precision farming technologies aim at supporting swine producers to improve their performance and profitability.

"We are very excited to strengthen our partnership with Hendrix Genetics," said HerdWhistle CEO Jack Behan. "This initiative builds on the existing strong relationship between Hendrix Genetics and our sister companies Animal Inframetrics Incorporated and the Alpha Phenomics Group Inc.

Hendrix Genetics have been strong supporters of our technologies from the get go, which not only required imagination to think outside of the box, but also investment in cash and kind, that takes real vision.

Hendrix Genetics was the first adopter of our technology, they have been on this journey from concept phase five years ago to now. We have jointly developed an automated phenotypic multispectral imaging system to acquire data on pigs. Hendrix Genetics decided on this partnership based on the data collected on tens of thousands of animals within their Hypor nucleus farms. This is a great endorsement of our technology. This will be an exciting and rewarding collaboration for the swine industry globally."

"This partnership with HerdWhistle, marks a significant milestone in advancement of precision swine farming," said Hendrix Genetics CITO Johan van Arendonk. "This collaboration emerges from five years of fruitful engagement, leveraging the combined expertise of both companies. Through the innovative multispectral imaging system, we gained invaluable insights into the feed efficiency and health status of individual pigs. These critical traits not only drive sustainable practices but also enhance profitability in pig production. Through this partnership, swine producers can benefit from this technology."

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