2013 Environmental Stewards: Krikke Pork Manure Fertilizer

Krikke Pork, Greenwich, Ohio, is a 2013 Envinronmental Steward Award winner. "Being good stewards of the land is a requirement. Our goal is to leave the land in better shape than when we found it," says Howard Krikke.

The farm raises 10,000 wean to finish hogs each year, and uses the manure to fertilize their crops. The tanks under the barn hold a years worth of manure. 

"It's important to us to minimize odors for two reasons," says Krikke. "1. We don't want to upset our neighbors. 2. If you smell manure, you're losing manure; you're losing fertility." 

He credits manure fertilizer to increased yields and better soil. In using the manure as fertilizer, "the ground actually comes alive," Krikke says.

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