Virtual learning helps all pork industry members grow

If yearn to learn isn't satisfied, you will fall behind.

Kevin.Schulz, senior content specialist

December 10, 2019

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Learning: the more you know, the more you can do
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If you do not continue to learn, you will either stand still or fall backwards.

No matter how many levels of schooling you achieved and no matter how many degrees you have plastered on your walls, you need to continue to learn. Once you get complacent about yearning for learning, you are doing an injustice to that sheepskin and the institution that issued it to you.

When I graduated with my ag journalism degree, I was ready to take on the world armed with a fistful of pens and a stack of reporter's notepads. Throw in a camera in case the story merited a photo, and I was set to supply the wants of the editor (which in a previous life, I had become).

To keep up with technology and to ease note-taking, voice recorders became an essential tool in a reporter's kit. First those with full-sized cassette tapes, then micro-tapes, and now digital recorders.

Each of the technologies have this old dog on alert to learn the new tricks of the trade.

Once the internet came in (yes, I remember life before the World Wide Web), that opened up an entirely different platform that we could use to aid in seeking background information. The internet also presented a whole new way to disseminate the information that we had gathered. No more waiting for the daily, weekly or monthly press runs. Yes, the paper products of news outlets still exist, though some companies have done away with using ink-stained paper to get the word out.

This past year has seen National Hog Farmer and a variety of partners use the internet as a way to provide more informational/educational opportunities for you our readers, or should I say viewers. Hopefully, you have seen one of the many webinars that our team was able to bring you this year, from the Global Hog Industry Virtual Conference, to the Science Talks. webinar series, to numerous other webinars that we helped bring to your laptops and tablets.

I've long said that I have a face for radio and a voice for print media, so if anyone would have said that I would be presenting a webinar series of health topics facing the global swine industry, I would have said you were cracked. But that is exactly what technology has provided me the opportunity to do, by moderating panels of people much smarter than myself to help you get smarter in your operation to succeed.

Access to new technologies helps us do our jobs easier and more efficiently, but new technologies also provide us all a way to improve our knowledge base. These are exciting times, and as we prepare to head into 2020, our team is looking at ways of bringing you even more ways to fill your head with swine industry knowledge.

Remember, if you're not continually learning, you are standing still or falling behind.

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