Willie Vogt

June 4, 2014

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The World Pork Expo is the largest pork-focused show of its kind in the world, according to the National Pork Producers Council; and it's easy to see that's the truth as you walk around the showgrounds as people get ready for opening day.

We took a walk around the facility and found ourselves surrounded by crates and people hard at work doing a range of tasks to finalize their exhibits. We also caught some of the swine show with junior and intermediate youth hard at work on their showmanship.

This gallery of images offers you a glimpse of the show. Consider it a kind of behind the curtain look at the event, trust us when you get here all the boxes and crates will be gone and you'll get a chance to check out the 375-plus exhibitors on hand and catch up on hot topics at the show.

You can check out descriptions of each photo to the right and advance each image so you can check out what we found. And if you hang on until the end we have a special slide for you to check out.

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Willie Vogt

Willie Vogt has been covering agricultural technology for more than 40 years, with most of that time as editorial director for Farm Progress. He is passionate about helping farmers better understand how technology can help them succeed, when appropriately applied.

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