Pork's versatility shines brightly with celebrity chef Gamez

Family, Culture, and Tradition Take Center Stage in National Pork Board's latest campaign.

December 11, 2020

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Although this holiday season will be different, there are still many flavorful ways to safely celebrate, share love, and pass down Hispanic family traditions to your loved ones.

Mexican-born celebrity and host Ana Patricia Gámez has partnered with the National Pork Board to share joy and delicious recipes as part of its latest campaign, Menú Urbano, where time-honored recipes are gathered from three major Hispanic-influenced cities across the country (Miami, Los Angeles, and El Paso) with the goal of celebrating cultures from around the world and encouraging Latinos to enjoy pork in the most authentic way possible: as street food.

Through Menú Urbano, Ana Patricia Gámez and three Hispanic foodie influencers offer consumers a flavor-filled virtual experience sprinkled with heritage by introducing them to different cultures, flavors, and traditions through street foods they can prepare at home during the holiday season. Recipes and time-saving hacks are also shared for recreating authentic pork dishes such as: quesadillas de cerdo, hamburguesas de cochinita pibil, and pozole de cerdo at home. NPB-mexican chef promo 2.jpg

"Within the Hispanic culture, the power of food transcends flavor. We cook to express love, to keep our family traditions alive, and to remember special people and moments in our lives, especially during  the holiday season," Ana Patricia Gámez said. "Celebrations will be different this year, but the love and connections to our heritage will never change. Bringing to life recipes that I grew up with, such as my pork pozole dish on Nochebuena, is one of the ways I'm passing down my family's traditions to my little ones, making sure that they experience the same love I have for our culture through food."

The Pork Es Sabor platform has become a source of inspiration, inviting consumers to try a variety of pork-based street food recipes from Latin American countries such as Mexico, Venezuela, El Salvador, and Peru, among others. As we kick off the holiday season, Pork Es Sabor will continue to offer consumers enticing new ways to enjoy pork as they prepare for this special time of the year. A study from the National Pork Board revealed that 62% of Hispanics prefer dishes that remind them of their own family traditions. For many Hispanics living in the United States, pork is the essential protein during every holiday season.

"At the National Pork Board, we know that pork is deeply rooted in Latin heritage and culture. It is a vital ingredient in recipes that have been passed down through generations. Traditions are something we hold close, and this year we have a different opportunity to keep these delicious traditions alive. Whether you are virtually celebrating Nochebuena or delivering your traditional pork dish to your relatives, our Spanish-language digital platform @PorkEsSabor offers a number of recipes that can add flavor to one of the most important feasts of the year," said Senior Director of Multicultural Marketing, Jose de Jesus.

To add a memorable, flavor-packed dish to this year's holiday spread, try any of these top-rated pork recipes gathered from the Menú Urbano campaign, which consumers can recreate at home:

To stay connected on the latest with Menú Urbano, recipe ideas, and more, please visit PorkEsSabor.com and follow along at @PorkEsSabor on InstagramFacebookTwitter, and YouTube. Join the conversation using #MenuUrbano.


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