Meet the 2020 Masters of the Pork Industry

Masters of the Pork Industry inspire and lead, and are a credit to their profession.

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This is National Hog Farmer's 15th annual Masters of the Pork Industry issue — a time when we recognize a special, handpicked group of pork industry visionaries who have left a tremendous footprint on pork production today. Each Master has spent the better part of his career in pursuit of excellence in his or her chosen segment of the pork industry, and each has a story to tell.

This year, due to COVID-19, we were not able to interview as many recipients as we have had in previous issues. We also were not able to sit down in person and spend an afternoon chatting, but instead resorted to hours-long phone calls and follow-up emails.

The difficulties of the current situation do not diminish the impact that these three have had on the global pork industry. As you get to know, or reacquaint yourselves with, these Masters, you will read about the passion that they have for their swine industry, and the mark that each of them has left.

Check out this slideshow for an introduction to their stories.

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