Mascot Promotes Pork Industry at North Carolina State Fair

The N.C. pig mascot will provide Facebook and Twitter updates from North Carolina State Fair while serving as an ambassador for the state's pork industry.

October 4, 2012

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Mascot Promotes Pork Industry at North Carolina State Fair


N.C. Pig will be promoting the pork industry as a goodwill ambassador during the North Carolina State Fair in Raleigh, beginning Oct. 11. According to the North Carolina Pork Council, N.C. pig is a friendly swine who will be providing updates to his fans via Twitter and Facebook during the fair's 11-day run.


N.C. Pig walks upright and is able to read and write, but otherwise, he acts like a pig.  For instance, at last year’s North Carolina State Fair, he rooted around the midway every day while getting his hooves on lots of roasted corn, fried dough, cotton candy and deep-fried Oreos.  N.C. Pig enjoys hanging out with the kids, trying to enter the pig races and begging rides on the Ferris wheel.   


The North Carolina Pork Council functions as N.C. Pig’s host during his Raleigh visit and takes great pride in what N.C. Pig and his millions of porcine friends mean to the state.  The pork industry supports more than 46,000 full-time jobs and pumps about $9 billion into the state's economy every year.


The Pork Council was introduced to N.C. Pig by the Piercy family at C & C Farms near Clinton and decided to turn him loose every October in Raleigh in the company of a reporter and photographer.  A press release from the North Carolina Pork Council says N.C. Pig’s jobon the fairgrounds is to ham it up for the pork industry.


Follow N.C. Pig on Twitter at Visit N.C. Pig’s Facebook page at

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