E-Commerce Food Fair promotes U.S. pork in Hong Kong

HKTV Mall currently showcases more than 30 U.S. red meat items, including U.S. pork bone-in shoulder and boneless loin.

Ann Hess, Content Director

June 5, 2020

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U.S. Meat Export Federation

Two down, one to go. That's how many birthdays we have celebrated in our household since this pandemic started. We conclude with my youngest's in a few days. My husband and I have done so much online shopping over the last month; it almost becomes hard trying to keep track of who ordered what, when it is coming and what else we still need for these at-home celebrations.

I now do our weekly grocery shopping online and have learned some tips and tricks over the last few weeks. For example, when HyVee shows you a package of five seasoned pork chops online, you still need to select five for the quantity. That brown-paper-wrapped package of pork that showed up in my order was the smallest meat purchase I think I have ever made. Bon Appetit for one. Maybe by the time we get back to some type of normalcy, I'll be a pro.

It's been interesting to look to the Far East to see the creative online ways consumers are purchasing protein over there since the pandemic started. For example, the U.S. Meat Export Federation recently joined a marketing campaign in Hong Kong launched by the USDA Agricultural Trade Office titled, "The E-Commerce Food Fair."

Funded by the National Pork Board and the Beef Checkoff Program, the April activity was designed to improve the presence of U.S. pork and beef on HKTV Mall, Hong Kong's largest 24-hour online shopping mall.

Participation in the bi-weekly "fair" included a web banner, special pages and advertisements. USMEF provided cooking videos for the site that highlight U.S. pork and beef.

Improving the online presence of U.S. pork and beef was the goal of USMEF's participation in the E-Commerce Food Fair, which included promotions on HKTV Mall, Hong Kong's largest online shopping platform.

Starting last year, USMEF has regularly collaborated with several U.S. red meat suppliers to improve their presence on HKTV's shopping platform in terms of items, product source, product endorsement and retail labeling. The site currently showcases more than 30 U.S. red meat items, ranging from pork bone-in shoulder and boneless loin to U.S. beef steaks and hot-pot cuts.

I'm curious to see if we will see one of these online food fairs in the United States one day. It seems whenever I am scrolling through Pinterest looking for recipes, my stomach always seems to rumble. I think my cart would be full of pork after sitting through an event like this.

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