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Oil-Dri receives Brazilian patent for feed additive formulation

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Patent protects novel, mineral-based formulation used in Amlan International’s existing natural feed additives.

Oil-Dri Corporation of America, a leading global manufacturer of sorbent minerals, announced that the Brazilian Patent Office has issued Patent No. 11 2015 007549 5, titled “Clay Product and Uses Thereof,” with Oil-Dri as the inventor. The patent protects the novel, mineral-based formulation used in Amlan International’s existing natural feed additives, Varium for poultry and NeoPrime for swine, that provide swine and poultry producers with natural solutions to optimize intestinal health and add value to their operations. Varium and NeoPrime are sold and marketed in select international markets by Amlan, the animal health business of Oil-Dri.

Brazil is one of the top three global broiler producers and one of the largest exporters of poultry products with 13.8 million tons of chicken meat produced in 2020. Changing regulations from the countries that import Brazilian poultry meat have created a market pull for antibiotic-free (ABF) poultry production in Brazil. The challenge for ABF producers has been how to maintain bird health and productivity without using antibiotics. That’s where Varium comes in. Varium reduces the level of pathogenic challenge in the intestinal lumen, strengthens the intestinal barrier, and naturally encourages animal health.

“The global trend for antibiotic use is decreasing and many regions are now requiring countries that export follow the same rules as if the animals were produced in the countries receiving the meat,” said Heath Wessels, vice president of sales, The Americas for Amlan International. “Varium and NeoPrime offer producers a natural solution to support animal efficiency and productivity in an antibiotic-free operation. Poultry integrators in Brazil have experienced success incorporating Varium into their rations and the product is gaining traction in the market.”

Brazil is also among the top five global producers of pork accounting for 50% of Latin America’s total pork meat production. For pork producers looking to reduce their use of antibiotics, NeoPrime supports swine intestinal health and energizes enterocytes for better nutrient absorption — all of which can help counteract the fallback effects of piglet weaning on intestinal health and growth.

“NeoPrime helps weanling pigs as they start to consume diets more regularly and potentially start to have intestinal health challenges,” said Fernando Blini, Amlan country sales manager in Brazil.

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