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New Product Tour finalists announced

SwineTech's PigFlow wins Producer's Choice award at the 2021 World Pork Expo.
Reducing production inefficiencies remains a top priority for hog producers.

The top three finalists for the New Product Tour were announced today at the 2021 World Pork Expo. Out of eleven products, SwineTech’s PigFlow, Ro-Main’s smaRt Counting 2.0 and Cargill’s Feed Ordering earned the top spots.

Reducing production inefficiencies remains a top priority for hog producers in the industry, results from the 2021 New Product Tour revealed. Announced today at the World Pork Expo, SwineTech’s PigFlow, the world’s first workforce and swine management platform, garnered the most votes to achieve Producer's Choice award.  

PigFlow is a communication tool that empowers producers to implement, track and adjust on-farm processes in real-time. The application features SOP management, task management, centralized messaging and actionable insights allow for streamlined daily operations.

“We put people at the forefront of everything we do, and in so many parts of our industry, we really focus on the pig first. If we focus on our people and processes and create passionate employees who really fall in love with what it means to be a pork producer, the pig’s going to thrive,” said Matthew Rooda, co-founder and CEO of SwineTech. 

Early adopters, including Hord Farms, have used the product to manage a variety of sow farms which include batch flow, continuous flow, and multiplication sites ranging from 600 to 8,000 sows.

PigFlow users have seen immediate improvements in declining stillborn rates and efficiency gains in many different areas of day-to-day production practices.

“In my 15-year career in the swine industry, I’ve seen many advances in technology such as ventilation, swine housing, and pig cares. I strongly believe that the PigFlow platform is the next step that the industry has been waiting for,” said Casey Long, manager of a 5,000 head sow farm for Hord Farms.

Following the New Product Tour segment during the recent National Hog Farmer’s Global Hog Industry lndustry, Ro-Main smaRt Counting 2.0 was chosen as the Judge’s Choice award.

smaRT Counting 2.0 is the second-generation application for automatically counting pigs using a camera on the ceiling of an alleyway. With a guaranteed 99.9%+ counting accuracy, the brand new app has a proven track record of more than 100k pigs counted daily in both farms and slaughterhouses.

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