Employee Management Conference

Top speakers will provide motivation to participants attending an employee management conference June 20 at the Best Western Garden Inn, North Mankato, MN.

Confirmed speakers and their topics include:

  • Sarah Fogelman, Kansas State University, Extension agricultural economist: “Breaking the Turnover Cycle” and “Incentives, Rewards and Compensation.”
  • Bob Milligan, senior consultant with Dairy Strategies and former Cornell University professor of applied economics: “Managing Conflict, Coworkers and Difficult People,” and “Being a Boss to Family, Friends and Other Folks;” and
  • Kit Welchin, Welchin Communication Strategies: “Managing the Generations at Work: Managing the Clash of Veterans, Boomers, X-ers and Nexters,” and “Communication Between Men and Women: Men Are from Fleet Farm – Women Are from Nordstrom’s.”

Additional speakers will address becoming a better trainer and executing performance reviews that motivate employees.

Learn more by contacting Trudy Wastweet, Minnesota Pork Board education director, at 800-537-7675 or trudy@mnpork.com .

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