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Max Armstrong shares insight about Christmas trees.

It's the most wonderful time of the year for counterfeiters. The U.S. Secret Service is warning that crooks work overtime at making and passing counterfeit bills this time of year, especially $20s. Agents say the bills look and feel different than real bills. 

That horse-drawn wagon that went out of control in rural Minnesota we talked about last week was driven by a man who suffered heart attack. The 80-year-old man died. Many of the passengers suffered minor injuries. The horses were unharmed.

Christmas tree growers expec to sell 26 million real trees this year. Christmas trees are grown as a crop and when one is harvested at least one more is planted in its place. And while it's growing, it provides habitat for wildlife and Christmas trees often grow on land not well suited to any other kind of agriculture.

Henry Heimlich died Saturday in Cincinnati. He was 96. He's the man who gave us the Heimlich maneuver.

There were two puppy incidents in Indianapolis over the weekend.

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