Demand, crop prospects, global geopolitics: What's ahead?

Joe Kerns of Ever.Ag joins us to share his insight into current global crop conditions and demand for pork and other protein as well as the impact of global geopolitics on US agriculture.

May 17, 2024

21 Min Listen

What are the current US crop prospects given weather and field conditions and what might that mean from a cost of feeding standpoint for hog US producers in the remainder of 2024? What might pork demand in general look like?
Lots of what ifs, but also lots of good news. 
Hosts for this episode of Feedstuffs Pork Nation are Sarah Muirhead of Feedstuffs and Mark Hulsebus of Alltech. Joe Kerns of and Partners for Production Agriculture, joins as their guest to give an update on the market factors currently at play for the grain and hog markets. 

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