World Pork Expo New Product Tour

National Hog Farmer is pleased to offer our readers and World Pork Expo attendees an opportunity to learn more about new products and services recently introduced to the pork industry

March 11, 2011

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World Pork Expo New Product Tour

The Readers of National Hog Farmer are again looking forward to the "2011 New Product Tour" Issues. Now is your chance to put focus on products/services introduced to the industry in the past year.

Over 20,000 engaged pork producers will learn more about the features and benefits that make your new product valuable.

2011 World Pork Expo New Product Showcase
Shines Spotlight on Most Promising New Products
Pork industry innovators have been busy coming up with a variety of new products to help producers save money and improve efficiency this year. National Hog Farmer is pleased to offer our readers and World Pork Expo attendees an opportunity to learn more about new products and services recently introduced to the pork industry.

A panel of pork industry experts will be taking a close look at the new products on behalf of our pork producer readers. And you can join the review process too. Come visit the National Hog Farmer booth #623 in the Varied Industries Building at the Iowa State Fairgrounds in Des Moines during World Pork Expo and cast your vote for the most promising new product. When you cast your vote, you are automatically entered in a daily prize drawing.

In the meantime, go ahead and get a head start on the new product tour by taking a look at the new product nominations featured below. National Hog Farmer’s New Product Review Panel will share their thoughts in a special feature in the July 15 issue. And the votes cast by World Pork Expo attendees will select the "producer's choice" new product.



ARMOR-GROUT™ is a specially designed VSC epoxy resin with exceptionally high chemical resistance and bonding properties that is combined with a unique VSC blend of natural silica aggregates. The product forms an overlay for severely worn concrete surfaces in pig facilities. It is primarily used to restore heavily worn slats and pads around wet/dry feeders. Site evaluations conducted since 2006 have shown that ARMOR-GROUT™ withstands heavy pig traffic and is virtually unaffected by the corrosive compounds that form around the feeders. This trowel-applied mortar re-shapes the pads or slats providing for protection and proper drainage.

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Gestal XM
Because feed cost is reaching record highs, monitoring feed consumption becomes crucial for better cost efficiency in pork production. Gestal XM is the ideal tool to accurately monitor groups of pigs’ consumption. If feed represents 70% of your farm’s expenses, how do you control it? Do you know exactly when to change feed phase? Gestal XM provides you with all sorts of complete reports, from pigs’ daily consumption to daily gain, as well as comparison between formulas, management methods, sexes, genetics, etc.

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i-Production Sales Manager
The i-Production Sales Manager analytic software tool links detailed group performance data to market hog sales information received from packers. Data can be imported electronically from 13 packers or manually entered on data entry screens. Track and measure kill data on an individual head basis to help evaluate a packer’s matrix and determine the most profitable market weight. Set sales targets, measure weight distribution, schedule market shipments and compare packers.

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FeedMeter Sensing and Telematics
FeedMeter from Feedlogic Corporation uses a patent-pending mass flow sensing technology to measure feed flow by weight as it passes through a feed line. The system uses advanced telematics to connect the meter to the Internet and provide instant access to feed data. All feed flow data is recorded and total feed consumption is tracked every day. Calculate growth rate, track average weights in the barn and make better marketing decisions. FeedMeter makes it possible to track total feed in bins and predict when the bin will be empty.

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Visit Booth No. 4937



TOMCO Ammonia Free Odor Control “OC”
TOMCO Ammonia Free Odor Control “OC” uses biological odor reduction technology. The product consists of a bacterial culture that effectively captures, binds and destroys ammonia molecules with no resulting negative effect on manure values. Reduce ammonia and create a healthier environment. Avoid having to use fans and lose heat by using TOMCO Ammonia Free Odor Control instead.

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Visit Booth No. 710 VIB



Porcinat+ is an innovative blend of organic acids and essential oils designed exclusively for swine. Jefo’s additive production process helps produce a superior product that will optimize animal nutrition while lowering production costs and improving feed efficiency. Porcinat+ is effective at low inclusion rates and mixes easily and homogeneously into the feed. It is safe for employees to handle and won’t damage equipment.

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Smart Sense™ Variable Rate Heat Control
L.B. White introduces “Smart” heaters with automated variable rate. The Guardian with Smart Sense™ is capable of operating from 15% to 100% of maximum Btu, depending on the amount of heat required, thus providing an even room temperature and saving fuel. The new L.B. White SmartBox™ controller integrates with existing on/off room controls to control the Guardian with Smart Sense™ heaters. Using Guardian with Smart Sense™ heaters and the SmartBox™ control, heaters and ventilation systems can finally work together.

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TEGO™ Swine Oral Fluids Collection Kit
Oral fluid samples from pen populations are easily collected and tested from one pooled sample with the new TEGO™ Swine Oral Fluids Collection Kit from ITL Animal Healthcare. Use the kit for collecting samples for PRRSV and other tests. The all-inclusive Oral Fluids Kit contains all items required to collect samples and prepare them for packing and transport. Unique features include tear-notch bag eliminating use of scissors, sample tube with barcode, and double-pouch bag keeping sample separated from paperwork.

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Circumvent® PCV M
Circumvent® PCV M is the only ready-to-use combination vaccine containing the two most frequently used vaccine antigens in pigs, circovirus and mycoplasma. This new combination reduces the number of vaccine shots administered, helping save labor and reducing stress on pigs. Unlike a two-bottle combo, Circumvent® PCV M requires no mixing and its formulation has proven stability. This eliminates any risk of contamination from mixing and eliminates the need to use the product within four hours once the antigens are combined.

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BinTrac® Feedline Control
HerdStar introduces the new BinTrac® Feedline Control. Detect lack of feed flow within seconds and eliminate running empty feedlines. The new control displays feed usage by feedline for 24-hour periods. An auto re-start helps make sure hungry livestock are fed as soon as possible. Bridged feed is quickly detected. BinTrac uses the Moore Automation feedline control in addition to interfacing with the BinTrac Bin Weighing System for improved feed management and accurate alarm functions.

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Crystal Spring® N2 Series Wet/Dry Water Space™ Nursery Feeder
Gro Master announces the Crystal Spring N2 Series Wet/Dry Water Space Nursery Feeder. Patented Water Space™ technology provides water-level control so pigs can have consistent access to water during the nursery stage. The EZ-Adjust system allows complete control of feed flow. Nursery pigs demonstrated an average 5-lb. improvement in weight gain while using this feeder during field trials. Producers can realize a two-turn payback on their investment.

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BactZyme Manure Pit Treatment
BactZyme Manure Pit Treatment from Bio Logical Solutions, Inc. is a biological product that will supercharge a lagoon with beneficial bacteria delivered via an easy-to-use, water soluble pouch. The product is designed to significantly reduce odors, increase sludge digestion and cut pumping and cleaning costs. Reducing ammonia nitrates and other micro-nutrients such as phosphorus will assist in meeting regulatory requirements.

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Accel Disinfectant
Accel is a powerful, fast-acting disinfectant that allows producers to clean and disinfect in one step. Based on patented Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide (AHP®) technology, Accel helps eradicate pathogenic bacteria and viruses faster than traditional disinfectants. AHP has been approved by the EPA as a Category IV disinfectant and does not require use of any protective equipment. The product is available as a concentrate in 1 and 5 gal. jugs, 55 gal. drums, quart bottles and ready-to-use wipes.

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EUTHANEX® is an automated CO2 system that allows piglets to be humanely euthanized while saving time and money. EUTHANEX® is equipped with SMARTBOX™ technology calibrated to deliver a controlled input of gas to the euthanasia chamber to minimize stress on the animals during the euthanasia process. Humane piglet euthanasia is a matter of PRESSING A BUTTON AND WALKING AWAY. This technology humanely, safely and economically addresses an industry-wide issue.

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New Plastic Cooling Pads for evaporative cooling
RainMaker, Big Dutchman’s evaporative cooling system now features new plastic pads. These have proven advantages compared to their paper-like predecessor: They allow better air flow, which means that you need lower air volumes (smaller fans) and can save on energy costs. Most important benefit: The plastic pads are extremely robust, UV-resistant and durable. Power-wash them when they get dirty… and they are as good as new!

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BARRIER Wound Care Spray with Pain Relief
Aurora Pharmaceutical introduces BARRIER Wound Care Spray with pain relief. The 2% titratable iodine solution kills up to 99% of surface germs that may cause infections . The 2% lidocaine helps alleviate pain in wounds and surgical incisions. A natural, anti-biting/chewing agent helps protect the wound. BARRIER Wound Care Spray dries in approximately 60 seconds and forms a highly visible and durable coating.

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New Product Tour Nominees

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