The Maschhoffs honor Brown with 2023 Core Values Award

Brown also serves as an at-large director for Illinois Pork Producers Association, accepted in the NPPC Pork Leadership Institute Class of 2023.

May 15, 2023

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From left Bradley Wolter, president and CEO, and Katie Brown, associate director of research and innovation, for The Maschhoffs.The Maschhoffs

Each year, since 2011, The Maschhoffs recognize an employee who has displayed the company core values through key business decisions and leadership actions. The Core Values award is a prestigious honor that recognizes the outstanding commitment of a single individual. This year's winner is Katie Brown, associate director of research and innovation.

The company core values are how The Maschhoffs operate, collaborate and identify. The below set of values serve as an authentic reflection of the company culture. They define how employees collaborate with one another, care for the animals, engage with the community, and serve customers. 

  1. People and Partners - We value and respect our employees and partners.

  2. Good Animal Husbandry and Sustainability - We are committed to providing the best care of our animals and the environment.

  3. Innovation - We are dedicated to business innovation and continued improvement through knowledge and discipline.

  4. Customer Focus - We strive to continually exceed the expectations of our customers.

Caleb Shull, director of research and innovation, notes that "Katie embodies the TML culture of being people focused and progressively minded. She has continually grown as a leader and at each step has demonstrated a unique ability to connect with and motivate team members. She has demonstrated the ability to lead her teams in executing complicated research practices at a high standard of excellence to help find innovative solutions for the company. She motivates her teams to not only collect high quality data, but also provide excellent animal care and system leading grade A percent."

Katie's colleague, Nick Boehl adds that "she is competitive, sincere in her interactions and genuinely cares about her team and colleagues."

Brown has found time to serve as an at-large director for Illinois Pork Producers Association and was nominated and accepted for the NPPC Pork Leadership Institute Class of 2023.

"I cannot think of a more qualified individual for the FY23 TML Core Values award," said The Maschhoffs CEO and President Bradley Wolter. 

Aside from Brown, The Maschhoffs had an astounding 56 finalists for 2023:
• Adam Villegas
• Alan Lennon
• Amy Maschhoff
• Amy Pressey
• Andre Ford
• Andrew Holloway
• Ashley Johannes
• Barb Schwarz
• Beverly Noble
• Chris Holle
• Clayton VanderWeide
• Dalton Best
• Damion Bogan
• Danielle Solis
• Darren Housberg
• Dawn Vander Weide
• Dena Lovell
• Dustin Alsup
• Emmalee Haege
• Erick Monken
• Erika Niemann
• Estela Harris
• Evelyn Thady
• Jason Buss
• Jeanne Jordan 
• Jeff Mahoney
• Jessica Seidel
• Josh Davis
• Josh Murnahan
• Kari Wuebbles
• Kasi Patterson
• Kayla Henness
• Keith Monken
• Ken Stewart
• Kimberly Luechtefeld
• Kortnee Blankenship
• Krista Bromley
• Kristen Ewing
• Lauren Meyer
• Lexi Ammann
• Lindsey Kuhls
• Lori Hankins
• Madison Goodwin
• Maria Eugenia Valdez Avalos
• Mark Rivir
• Marty McCombs
• Mickey Montalvo
• Paul Ayers
• Rebecca Shaw
• Rebecca Stack
• Sarah Stoutner
• Tanya Jansen
• Tricia Jansen
• Tyler Bauman
• Zoey Dinkla

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