Tai urged to secure fair market access for U.S. pork in South Africa

U.S. pork industry exports over 25% of its annual production, accounting for $64 of value of every hog marketed.

May 24, 2024

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Congressman Greg Murphy, M.D. sent a letter to the United States Trade Representative, Ambassador Katherine Tai, alongside Congressman Randy Feenstra (I-04), urging her to address barriers restricting America's pork exports to South Africa:

"Eastern North Carolina is home to many of America’s greatest pork producers who work tirelessly to feed America," said Murphy. "Foreign markets are important to our pork industry especially as they face increased operating costs and regulations. The United States and South Africa have long enjoyed a friendly trade relationship. Unfortunately, the country is not allowing adequate market access for American pork. I encourage Ambassador Tai to engage with her South African counterparts to address this issue."

"Pork production is a vital economic engine for our producers and our rural communities," said Feenstra. "In Fiscal Year 2022, Iowa led the nation in pork exports, registering at over $2.7 billion. However, due to inflation, burdensome regulations, and other costs, Iowa pork producers are facing major financial losses and market uncertainty. South Africa’s unfair treatment of American pork exports doesn’t help the situation at hand. That’s why I’m working with Rep. Greg Murphy to hold the Biden administration accountable to hog farmers and ensure that our pork products receive fair treatment in foreign markets in accordance with our trade laws. Representing the top pork-producing district in the nation, I will continue to work with my colleagues on the House Ways and Means Committee and the House Agriculture Committee to secure fair market access for Iowa pork not only in South Africa, but also across the globe."

"The U.S. pork industry exports over 25% of our annual production, accounting for $64 of value of every hog marketed," said Bryan Humphreys, CEO, National Pork Producers Council. "We can increase the $8 billion of exports seen in 2023 if we remove barriers and expand access. All parties can benefit from AGOA if South Africa and other AGOA trading partners provide reciprocal benefits for U.S. goods. U.S. pork producers greatly appreciate Rep. Murphy and Rep. Feenstra for leading efforts to ensure reasonable and equitable market access for U.S. exports."

"The North Carolina Pork Council commends North Carolina Congressmen Dr. Gregory Murphy, David Rouzer, Don Davis, Richard Hudson and Wiley Nickel and Iowa Congressman Randy Feenstra on their efforts to ensure trading partners benefiting from the African Growth and Opportunity Act provide reasonable and equitable market access for U.S. exports, including pork," said Roy Lee Lindsey, CEO, North Carolina Pork Council. "Working to remove unscientific barriers to trade will benefit U.S. pork producers and we thank the representatives for recognizing this issue."

The lawmakers opened their letter saying, “We write to express our concern with restrictions by the Government of South Africa that deny U.S. pork products equitable and reasonable market access. We urge you raise these issues in your bilateral conversations with the South African Government and consider them as you conduct the ongoing African Growth and Opportunity Act annual review process. Further, as Congress considers renewal of AGOA, we stand ready to work with you to ensure the USTR has effective tools available to enforce equitable, science-based treatment for U.S. pork exports to South Africa.”

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