Hendrix Genetics has been actively looking for partners in different parts of the world.

March 19, 2021

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Serbian swine producer Porcus Vitalis has signed a long-term distribution agreement with Hendrix Genetics, global multi-species, animal breeding company, to produce and distribute Hypor swine genetics in Serbia, Montenegro, Northern Macedonia, and Albania. Porcus Vitalis will populate their reconstructed swine farm in the first quarter of 2021 with high health Hypor breeding animals, which will form the basis for their production and distribution activities.

As a result of the growing global demand for Hypor swine genetics, Hendrix Genetics has been actively looking for multiplication and distribution partners in different parts of the world. Through the partnership with Porcus Vitalis, the availability of high-quality swine genetics will be brought directly to the emerging markets in the Balkan region.

Porcus Vitalis will start up an 850-sow high health farm that will be populated in the coming months with SPF (Specific Pathogen Free) Hypor animals. For the near future, Porcus Vitalis has plans to extend their distribution activities with a separate AI station to provide terminal sire line semen to local producers.

Sinisa Stojkovic, director of Porcus Vitalis, is looking forward to working with Hendrix Genetics and stated, “To build a sustainable pork sector in this region, we need to provide producers the quality genetics that guarantees an efficient and easy to manage sow, capable of producing the highest quality piglets by herself that have the capacity to become valuable finishers. We are convinced Hypor is the right genetic brand for that.”

The standard of 16-15-14 (16 total born, 15 born alive, 14 weaned) piglets with an average birth weight of 1.5kg has been set by Hendrix Genetics, and they are quickly approaching this target. These performance goals are convincing arguments that laid the groundwork for the partnership.

 “The economic advantages of our breeding program are clear and measurable, but our focus on different social aspects of pork production offers added value that is growing fast in importance,” said Tihomir Fruk, regional key account manager of the Swine Business Unit of Hendrix Genetics.

Hypor is setting the standard for sustainable swine breeding, and the first Hypor farms in Europe already achieve 14 weaned piglets per litter and over 35 piglets weaned per sow per year in 2020. 


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