RealmFive, Boehringer Ingelheim collaborate on tech solutions

Products Barn View paired with Farmera create an unmatched solution for operations.

October 22, 2021

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RealmFive, a leader in data connectivity and digital solutions based in Lincoln, Neb., has teamed up with Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health, to commercialize next-generation technology-based solutions for advancing remote connectivity and herd health across the swine industry.

The companies worked together prior to the start of the COVID pandemic and have collaborated since then to advance a swine-centric solution that combines the expertise of both companies. Over the last year, the relationship has resulted in a strong collaboration, new products, and innovative pilot customers.

Although very different in terms of company size, RealmFive and Boehringer Ingelheim are uniquely culturally aligned, valuing professionalism, providing world-class innovative solutions, doing what one says, and taking great care of customers.

RealmFive’s Barn View solution includes feed, water, air and effluent components. Barn View devices are extremely easy to install, enabling technology adoption, even with animals in barns.

Steve Tippery, chief executive officer at RealmFive, stated that “more than 90% of swine barns in North America are not connected to the internet. Most producers are not able to take advantage of the standardization and efficiency gains that come from having access to data across their enterprise.

Barn View is an especially compelling solution for operations consisting of a mix of barn vintages and controller types. Furthermore, swine operations that leverage Barn View can also connect to other of RealmFive’s EcoSystem of connected products for agronomy, irrigation, inventory, compliance, and logistics.”

RealmFive’s exceptional engineers leveraged existing technology to develop versions of the Flex Mini wireless monitoring device. Flex Mini leverages years of wireless technology that was built to handle the tough conditions in agriculture. One of the exclusive and patent-pending capabilities of Flex Mini is feed outage detection. For example, combining feed outage data with feed level data, swine operators can have decision feedback that feed bins are bridged.

Based on feedback from producers as well as from personal swine production experience, Barn View engineers understood the need to create incredibly fast installations and an intuitive platform. The entire system is wireless, battery operated and typically installs in a livestock barn in under 30 minutes. Fully cloud-based Barn View software can be viewed on a range of smart devices from a smart phone to a desktop computer.

Boehringer Ingelheim’s Farmera is a new generation in farm management, bringing evidence-based decision making to swine production systems. It uses real-time, health-related information combined with actionable farm-performance parameters.

Dr. Jens Kjaer, senior associate director of integrated health management, swine at Boehringer Ingelheim, stated that “swine systems using Farmera are seeing improvements in herd health and performance, by connecting stakeholders across the production system to the critical touchpoints within each group of animals. Barn View paired with Farmera creates an unmatched solution. We are excited to go to market together with RealmFive.”

Farmera is a mobile app designed by Boehringer Ingelheim that installs on any Android or iOS smart device. Farmera was built to be the hub of an integrated ecosystem. For a given swine production system, the aggregation and collection of data provides streamlined, transparent, and timely availability of information for an overall snapshoot at both the farm and production system levels.

RealmFive and Farmera have an API agreement which allows customer data to be virtually connected from RealmFive’s Barn View platform to Boehringer Ingelheim’s Farmera data platform.

Barn View and Farmera have been undergoing pilot deployments across the U.S., and the solution is now available for sale to customers.

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