Ro-Main acquires all PigWatch sow precision insemination planning technology rights.

December 12, 2016

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PigWatch artificial intelligence system is the future of pig precision reproduction

Francis Pouliot, engineer and product manager at Ro-Main, says “It has now become very obvious to us that the thriving pig producers of the future will be those who will have embraced cutting-edge and highly performing technologies such as PigWatch, to maximize productivity and profitability in their sow production facilities,” in explaining the reason of their recent global acquisition of all PigWatch sow precision insemination planning technology rights.

Since 2008 and until very recently, Ro-Main, a Canadian-based company, had been working hand-in-hand with the Italian PigWatch system inventor, to develop and bring to the worldwide market this leading AI technology, which is a system that permits to precisely predict the optimal moment of sow insemination, through 24/7 electronic sow behavior monitoring and state-of-the-art artificial intelligence algorithm analysis.

In the recent years, Ro-Main also commissioned the Quebec Swine Development Center to carry out a thorough independent scientific study that proved the capacity of PigWatch to predict the optimal moment of insemination in relation with sow ovulation.

Strong of its sound reputation of being a worldwide leader in the field of innovative pork production technologies, and having become the sole proprietor of all PigWatch technology rights, Ro-Main is therefore in full control of all PigWatch development, manufacturing and marketing aspects.

The timing of this PigWatch technology acquisition coincides with the launching of the new PigWatch version, which combines ease of use and unequalled performance, resulting from several years of ongoing improvement and farm testing.

“As much as Contact-O-Max has proven to totally revolutionize the world of artificial insemination to this day, as much we believe that PigWatch artificial intelligence stands as the spearhead of the next revolution in the field of modern sow artificial insemination,” Pouliot concludes. Contact-O-Max, a Ro-Main product, is a motorized remote-controlled boar cart.

Ro-Main designs, manufactures and markets pig and chicken barn products and technologies that significantly enhance productivity and profitability, while making work much easier and safer. The enterprise markets products and services worldwide, namely in North America, Europe, Asia and Oceania.

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