Farm Action: Why We Fight

In this short clip, Farm Action co-founders Angela Huffman and Joe Maxwell share why they’re taking on monopoly power in agriculture.

September 25, 2023

Farm Action and Farm Action Fund just released a short film sharing the personal stories of the organizations’ co-founders, Angela Huffman and Joe Maxwell. Both farmers themselves, Huffman and Maxwell discuss working against monopoly control over agriculture at a critical point in the 2023 Farm Bill debate.
“A handful of corporations today control our food system, from the seed all the way to the consumer’s plate — they control every piece of that supply chain. And that impacts farmers, workers, and all of us who eat,” said Huffman in the full six-minute video
Farm Action and Farm Action Fund are proud to work with a broad coalition of advocates across the political spectrum — from farmers and workers, to conservationists and animal welfare advocates — to challenge this corporate stranglehold over our food system head-on. Together, we can shift the balance of power from abusive food and agriculture corporations back into the hands of all of us.
Check out the film and learn more about the organizations’ Fair Farm Bill campaign.

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