CPC: UK not interested in free, fair trade in agricultural products

Canadian pork producers rely heavily on international markets, with 70% of production destined for export markets.

February 13, 2024

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The Canadian Pork Council is joining the “Say No to a Bad Deal” coalition, advocating for renegotiations of the United Kingdom’s ascension to the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership.

This move comes in response to Great Britain’s stance toward Canada, a signal to Canadian farmers, ranchers and producers that the United Kingdom is not interested in free and fair trade in agricultural products.

Say No to a Bad Deal is a coalition of agriculture industry leaders and stakeholders advocating for fair and equitable trade agreements that benefit everyone. With Great Britain showing no signs of altering its approach to trade negotiations, the council aims to remind the Government of Canada of its responsibility to prioritize the best interests of Canadian farmers and ranchers.

“The CPC is proud to join the Say No to a Bad Deal coalition, and we are calling for renegotiations of the CPTPP before Canada approves the United Kingdom’s ascension," said Rene Roy, chair of the Canadian Pork Council. "We have been patient and proposed solutions to safeguard the interests of Canadian farmers and ranchers, yet our concerns remain unaddressed. Setting a precedent for non-tariff trade barriers within the CPTPP must be avoided to protect our industry.

“Great Britain's refusal to truly engage Canada in the current negotiations poses significant risks to Canada’s agricultural sector, and it is crucial we address these concerns head-on before the UK joins a trade deal of which we are a founding member."

The CPC supports fair trade terms that uphold the principles of reciprocity and mutual benefit. The organization remains committed to advocating for the interests of Canadian pork producers and safeguarding the industry's long-term viability.

"Fair trade is not a buzzword; it is the cornerstone of sustainable economic growth and prosperity," said Roy. "For Canadian farmers, particularly pork producers, fair trade means access to global markets under mutually beneficial terms. It guarantees that our products can compete fairly, fostering growth and stability in our industry and for the country."

Canadian pork producers rely heavily on international markets for their livelihoods, with 70% of production destined for export markets. Fair trade agreements provide producers with the opportunity to access new markets, diversify their customer base and increase profitability.

"By joining forces with the Say No to a Bad Deal coalition, we are sending a clear message: Canadian farmers demand nothing short of fair and just trade agreements that set them up for success and support our industry's growth and prosperity."

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