Consumers Can’t Get Enough Bacon

July 15, 2014

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Consumers Can’t Get Enough Bacon

CNN Money reports that information gathered by a mobile payment-based data collection program clearly shows that consumers are seeking bacon, bacon and more bacon when they are eating out.

According to CNN Money, Square, a mobile payments company used by millions of small businesses, has been compiling information on customer ordering behavior since April 2013. That's when it released an item modifier tool as part of its point-of-sale product to help businesses, such as cafes and restaurants, customize data based on tens of millions of orders. It seems the data indicated that in five out of eight major U.S. cities, bacon was among the top 20 most commonly used modifiers when consumers are placing food orders.

CNN Money breaks down the take-home message:

“So, if you're a restaurant owner in those five cities (Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles and Minneapolis), it would behoove you to boost your bacon inventory. In fact, across the country, customers are 145% more likely to choose bacon over sausage and 38% more likely to want bacon instead of tomato.”


Read the story here.

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