American Pure Pork campaign expands into Mexico's foodservice sector

Marketing program guarantees no water is injected into labeled U.S. pork product; ongoing promotional campaign with Costco at each of its 27 outlets in Mexico.

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For the U.S. Meat Export Federation, a primary market development objective in Mexico is to strengthen U.S. pork identification in the retail and foodservice sectors by differentiating U.S. pork as top quality. "American Pure Pork," a marketing program that guarantees no water is injected into the labeled U.S. pork product, is an ongoing promotional campaign with Costco at each of its 27 outlets in Mexico. The promotions include featured U.S. pork products, product sampling, special labeling, the production of cooking videos with influencers and implementation of social media campaigns. 

Building on its success with retail customers, USMEF is expanding this program into Mexico's foodservice sector to foster product identification in restaurants. U.S. pork identified as "American Pure Pork" will have no water injected and will be free of tenderizers and preservatives.

"Consumers tend to think that all pork is the same," says Gerardo Rodriguez, USMEF regional director for Mexico, Central America and Dominican Republic. "We are working to position U.S. pork as a flavorful, nutritious option for the center-of-the plate. American Pure Pork is superior and consumers are beginning to seek it out."

USMEF is supporting the American Pure Pork initiative in the retail and foodservice sectors by speaking directly to consumers about U.S. pork quality through social media. Moms are a focus of these campaigns, which tout the nutritional benefits of U.S. pork along with its superior taste.


"Mothers care deeply about nutrition and we are finding great interest among bloggers in promoting American Pure Pork. We have developed what we call an 'American Pure Pork Academy,' in which we provide education and cooking demonstrations to "mommy bloggers" who then post about U.S. pork," says Leticia Flores, USMEF communication specialist. "We have also engaged a respected pediatrician who creates Instagram reels about U.S. pork for mothers."


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Promotional funding for the American Pure Pork campaign is provided by the National Pork Board, United Soybean Board, Illinois Soybean Association, Indiana Soybean Alliance and USDA's Market Access Program and Agricultural Trade Promotion program.

Following a record performance in 2022, U.S. pork exports to Mexico have continued to gain momentum this year. Through May, pork and pork variety meat shipments totaled 447,081 metric tons, up 13% from the same period last year. Export value soared by 24%, reaching $890.1 million. This included a 46% increase in pork variety meat exports to 64,232 mt, valued at $111.4 million. 

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