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Large Water Medicator

A new water medicator handles even the largest finishing barns. Dosatron International, Inc. has introduced the new D25F water medicator to accommodate

A new water medicator handles even the largest finishing barns.

Dosatron International, Inc. has introduced the new D25F water medicator to accommodate larger barns and bigger pigs. The D25F handles even the largest finishing barns. This unit provides a maximum flow rate of up to 11 gal./minute (gpm) with even slower piston speeds when compared to a 7 gpm medicator. This allows the medicator to work smoother and easier in the larger barns, adding to the life of the unit. The D25F also offers lower flow rates starting at 0.05 gpm to handle the nurseries. The water medicator operates through a pressure range of 4.3 lb./sq. in. (psi) up to 85 psi. The new, lower check valve eliminates bottom seal failure, ensuring less downtime and eliminating any “spit back.” The unit offers 57% more capacity than the 7 gpm model it replaces, no top or bottom seals to maintain, fewer parts and longer life. For more information, call (800) 523-8499, e-mail or visit their Web site,

Farm Program Software

Farm Works Software has announced a new edition to their software program - Farm Sync, which allows farmers to download or upload field records from a mobile device using a wireless network. Farm Works' mobile solutions simplify entering records with quick drop-down lists of names for fields, equipment, personnel and supplies. Other jobs for mapping field boundaries, soil sample locations, tile lines, etc., can be done using GPS. Once entered, data is coordinated to your office computer via Farm Sync. In order to boost your wireless range, antennas can be purchased to extend the range another 1,000 ft. or more. Learn more at (800) 225-2848 or log on to

Skid-Steer Loader

Bobcat Company has recently launched the S100 skid-steer loader as the newest model to its line of compact equipment. The S100 replaces the Bobcat 553 skid-steer loader. The S100 features a 1,000-lb.-rated operating capacity and a 50-in. narrow width. The loader features a new, deluxe cab and a totally new instrument panel, providing additional functionalities and state-of-the art diagnostic capabilities at the operator's fingertips. The S100 also features a four-cylinder, 33.5-hp diesel engine and a lift height of 8 ft. 6 in. for loading and dumping materials. Weighing only 4,100 lb. eases transport between work sites. Standard on all Bobcat loaders is the Bob-Tach attachment mounting system that enables operators to switch attachments in less than a minute without extra help or tools. For more information, visit

Feeding Product Line

Feedlogic Corporation has introduced FeedSaver, a new product line designed to reduce production costs and maximize profitability. FeedSaver includes a new feature, which allows rapid adjustments in feeding strategies to manage disease challenges while gaining maximum value from feed ingredients. The FeedSaver computerized feeding system will automatically monitor feed intake and can adjust diets in response to variations in feed intake and growth. With FeedSaver, you can split-sex feed unequal numbers of gilts and barrows in a barn; attend to slow growers with or without sorting; feed each pen of pigs based on a curve to match their performance; target treatments, such as Paylean, more effectively; phase feed sows in lactation to ensure healthier litters and improved sow longevity; prepare gilts more effectively for the breeding herd with more effective nutrition; and adjust the timing, amount and formulation of feed for gestating sows to match body condition and parity. “For large producers and integrators, FeedSaver provides a means to better understand and control their supply chain,” says Drew Ryder, Feedlogic president and founder. For more information, call (320) 222-3000 or e-mail

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