Join us in observing National Pork Month while we talk about hot topics in the pork industry: Sustainability. Supply chain uncertainty. Carbon markets.

October 3, 2022


Date: Oct 12, 2022



Sustainability. Supply chain uncertainty. Carbon markets. There is no shortage of hot topics in the pork industry. Join the National Pork Board, in partnership with Cargill Animal Nutrition & Health, for a deep dive into these topics and more during a three-part webinar series that was originally recorded at the World Pork Expo in June.

Webinar #1: Sustainability of modern protein production in times of global supply chain uncertainty

Supply chain challenges. Labor shortages. Sustainability pressures. Market volatility. These are a few phrases we’ve all heard on the news frequently over the past several months. But how do these challenges directly impact the pork industry and your operation? Join us for a discussion with Ruth Kimmelshue, Corporate Senior Vice President leading Cargill Animal Nutrition, to hear a global perspective framed for the pork industry.

Ruth Kimmelshue
Ruth Kimmelshue
Corporate Senior Vice President
Cargill Animal Nutrition & Health

Ruth Kimmelshue leads Cargill’s animal nutrition and health business, making her the first woman to lead one of Cargill’s five global enterprises. A member of Cargill’s Executive Team since 2015, Ruth most recently built and led Cargill’s global operations and supply chain organization and served as the company’s first-ever chief sustainability officer. In addition to sustainability and corporate responsibility, she also had accountability for Cargill’s research and development organization and the communications function.

Webinar #2: Sustainability in the pork industry — what's coming and why pork producers need to be ready

Sustainability isn’t a buzzword that’s going away. In fact, there are more global factors than ever before that will continue to put pressure on food producers. Join Dr. Frank Mitloehner, professor, and air quality specialist at UC Davis CLEAR Center, to learn the latest on what’s happening globally when it comes to sustainability and how producers and companies can stay ahead of the curve.

Dr. Frant Mitloehner
Dr. Frank Mitloehner
Professor and Air Quality Specialist
UC Davis CLEAR Center

Dr. Mitloehner is also the Director of CLEAR which brings clarity to the intersection of animal agriculture and the environment, helping our global community understand the environmental and human health impacts of livestock, so we can make informed decisions about the foods we eat while reducing environmental impacts.

Webinar #3: Decoding carbon markets — what do they mean to you?

Carbon markets are the latest buzz but what exactly are they? How do they work? What questions should you ask? Join Ashley McDonald, assistant VP of sustainability at the National Pork Board, and Marisa Martin, executive director of the Pollination Group, to hear more about what carbon markets mean and how you can leverage them in your business. 

The National Pork Board has developed On-Farm Sustainability Reports for all pork producers to take credit for work you’re already doing on your operation. These reports will help you measure, document, and share your sustainable farm practices and give you ideas for areas to improve.

Ashley McDonald
Ashley McDonald
Assistant Vice President, Sustainability Development & Outreach
National Pork Board

Ashley McDonald works on behalf of U.S. pig farmers who are striving to tell their sustainability story. Previously, McDonald was the director of sustainability for National Cattlemen’s Beef Association. Ashley holds a degree in agriculture economics from the University of Missouri and a Juris Doctorate degree from George Mason University.

Marissa Martin
Marisa Martin
Executive Director
Pollination Group
Pollination Group is a climate change investment and advisory firm. Marisa Martin has over 15 years of experience advising a variety of clients on climate change law and policy with a focus on carbon markets and nature-based climate solutions.



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