This Week in Agribusiness, October 24, 2020

Max Armstrong and Mike Pearson talk about how the 2020 harvest is moving along.

October 24, 2020

Part 1

Note: The video automatically plays through all show parts once you start.

Max Armstrong and Mike Pearson kicks off the show with a harvest reports from Kansas. Greg Soulje previews the weather report. Garrett Toay of Ag Trader Talk joins Mike to talk about how the soybean harvest went and how it’s looking for corn. Then it’s a look at the overall corn market.

Part 2

Garrett Toay of Ag Trader Talk rejoins Mike to dig in on soybeans and if they will make it to $11, also a look at wheat. In the Colby Ag Tech segment Chad is checking out the new Apple’s 6 series watch.

Part 3

Max and Mike introduce a report about autonomous tractors from Chad Colby in Arizona. Max breaks out his “Tweets of the Week.”

Part 4

Max Armstrong and Mike Pearson interview with Don Landoll to talk about the history of the area and the firm. Agricultural Meteorologist Greg Soulje has the weather for the week ahead.

Part 5

Agricultural Meteorologist Greg Soulje returns to take a look at the long-range weather picture.

Part 6

In Max’s Tractor Shed, Max is introducing a selection of auger tractors that he asked for a few weeks back. They are something to see. Mike Pearson profiles Brooklyn FFA Chapter from Brooklyn, Mississippi, a club that stays very busy. Member Brody Martin talks about his floral project that sent him to nationals. In Samuelson Sez, Orion Samuelson is talking about how different this year’s FFA convention is going to be.

Part 7

Mike Pearson  introduces a look at the new John Deere X9 Combine, recorded at the Farm Progress Virtual Experience in Boone, Iowa.

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