This Week in Agribusiness – July 4, 2020

Max Armstrong and Mike Pearson dig into that USDA report, look at ag tech and get a crop update

July 4, 2020

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Part 1

Max Armstrong and Mike Pearson open this week's show with a look at the USDA crop report surprise earlier this week. Kevin Ross, president, National Corn Growers Association shares some insight on the report. Mike talks with Jim Mccormick,, about the markets including a deeper dive into that USDA report.

Part 2

Mike Pearson continues his conversation with Jim Mccormick,, including the pricing potential for soybeans in the future, including what it would take to hit the $10 price. In Colby Ag Tech, Chad Colby offers a look at the return of rowcrop cultivation, which is in enhanced by autosteering. The move is being driven by a range of factors that Chad explores.

Part 3

Mike Pearson talks with Brian Winnekins, WRDN, Durand, Wis., who shares the story of how one cooperative flexed due to the COVID-19 restrictions. Think drive-thru. Mike also talks with Dustin Hoffman, Iowa Agribusiness Radio Network who offers a look at crop conditions in his part of the country.

Part 4

Max Armstrong talks with Dr. Leah Dorman, Phibro Animal Health, who discusses end-of-life factors for a family pet. The same emotions have hit farmers this year with the need to euthanize animals. Ag Meteorologist Greg Soulje offers a first look at farm weather for the week ahead.

Part 5

Ag Meteorologist Greg Soulje offers his long-range weather forecast for farm country. This includes thunderstorm activity up North, and in the Southeast.

Part 6

In Max’s Tractor Shed, Max Armstrong shares the story of a 1961 John Deere 3010 owned by Dennis Denton, Princeton, Ill., which has a long history for the Denton family. Mike Pearson profiles Westbrook Walnut Grove FFA in in both Westbrook and Walnut Grove, Minn., Both towns are involved in this busy chapter involved in a range of community activities. Member Nathan Kuehl offers a look at how the chapter works at the local Lion's Club, which supports the chapter. In Samuelson Sez, Orion Samuelson digs into the issue of farmers who had to destroy their production at the beginning of the COVID-19 market shutdown. He offers insight to a concerned viewer.

Part 7

Mike Pearson wraps up this show with a report from Chad Colby who is on the Matt Foes farm with a look at his soybean crop, where cultivation was happening. Matt farms near Sheffield, Ill., and his crop is progressing well, but he does have some 2020 concerns. And Max Armstrong shares insight on the news that the Farm Progress Show and Husker Harvest Days are both canceled for 2020; and offers news of a virtual experience under development.

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