Simple solution to keep piglet feed pans in place impresses judges

An esteemed panel of judges chose eight products from the World Pork Expo New Product Tour as finalists.

June 27, 2018

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Simple solution to keep piglet feed pans in place impresses judges
Dan Wagner (second from left) with Fasten Solutions explains the versatility and adaptability of the Krate Klip to the New Product Tour judges panel of Gary Anderson, Pat Thome and Brad Leuwerke. Jerry Karp (second from right) with Fasten Solutions and National Hog Farmer’s Kevin Schulz (far left) listen in.National Hog Farmer/Willie Vogt

Dan Wagner, with 20 years of hog-raising experience, had grown tired of feed waste from piglets knocking over their feed pans in the farrowing crate and using the pans as litter boxes. He created the Krate Klip that attaches the feed pan to the crate wall, eliminating the risk of piglets knocking the pan over.

The spring-loaded Krate Klip by Fasten Solutions can easily be removed to clean and sanitize the feed pan, as well as the area that had been occupied by the pan.

The ease and speed of removal of the clips (no tools necessary) allows for raising the feed pans as the piglets grow. The Krate Klip can be used on a variety of wall thicknesses. “This is a very simple, very adaptable product,” says judge Pat Thome, hog producers from Adams, Minn.


Krate Klip from Fasten Solutions is a spring-loaded, zinc-coated fastener that allows Krate Klip Piglet Feeder to be securely mounted any place on the farrowing crate wall in seconds without use of tools or loose parts.

Judge Brad Leuwerke, veterinarian with the Swine Vet Center in St. Peter, Minn., says he’s glad that he took a second look on the first review of all the products. “That was a really cool concept. I’m glad we chose that,” he says. “I rushed through that initially and thought I don’t think there’s really any value to that.”

The only question that judge Gary Anderson, ag engineering professor from the South Dakota State University, has is about the universal adaptability to other systems. Wagner and Jerry Karp say the product can be adapted to existing housing systems.

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Thome did question the durability of the clip itself, which is zinc-coated, in the harsh environment of a hog barn. Wagner says the product could be made with stainless steel, but of course, the price would be higher.

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