Novozymes, Bactolife join forces to reduce post-weaning diarrhea

Ablacto+ uses binding proteins to stabilize the gut of piglets, thereby reducing the need for antibiotic consumption.

September 5, 2023

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Novozymes and the Danish industrial biotech company, Bactolife, have signed a joint development and commercialization agreement to finish development and launch the biosolution Ablacto+. The firms say the product can potentially stabilize the gut of piglets and reduce the severity of post-weaning diarrhea.

PWD is a major, global swine health challenge caused by E. coli infections in newly weaned pigs. Globally, PWD is estimated to lead to a loss of production of EUR 1-2 billion per year. Additionally, PWD is considered the main driver for antibiotic use in weaner pigs. In Denmark alone, antibiotic consumption among weaners constitutes 49% of the total use of antibiotics in pigs (DANMAP 2021) .

“Post-weaning diarrhea is one of the biggest challenges in the global pork industry. We are very excited to join this partnership with Bactolife. Together, we will be able to develop innovative biosolutions that can stabilize the gut of piglets, increase productivity, and significantly reduce the use of antibiotic use among weaner pigs,” says Sofie Louise Trads, director, Animal Health at Novozymes.

“We are extremely happy to partner with Novozymes on this promising product. This is a major validation of Bactolife’s technology platform, and with a strong commercial partnership in the animal health space like Novozymes, we believe there is a significant business potential for both parties,” says Sebastian Søderberg, CEO at Bactolife.”

“Since we started Bactolife, Ablacto+ has been leading the way for our technology platform, validating the impact that highly specific binding proteins can have on complex problems, such as PWD. Ablacto+ will tackle a One Health challenge supporting animal welfare and global health as antibiotics use is reduced and animals remain healthy,” says Sandra Wingaard Thrane, CSO at Bactolife.

The product candidate, Ablacto+, is a functional feed additive which consists of binding proteins with a specific mode of action. Binding proteins are science-backed, versatile ingredients that significantly reduce the risk of gastrointestinal infections including PWD.

Novozymes and Bactolife believe that their new biosolution with its novel mode of action can be a game changer within reducing antibiotic consumption in pigs and thereby reducing the risk of antibiotic resistance development in both pigs and humans.

ABLACTO+ has already shown promising results in large scale swine trials, and Novozymes and Bactolife will now collaborate to finalize the product development and subsequently commercialize the Ablacto+ product. Novozymes will develop and produce the final product and has the global exclusive marketing and sales responsibility.

Ablacto+ is expected to be launched in 2026.

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