New product promotes successful farrowing and pig livability

Peer-reviewed research has suggested that a new innovative solution from Alltech can support the parturition process, reduce the incidence of stillborn pigs, and boost the number of wean pigs per sow.

July 6, 2023

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Alltech has introduced Triad, an innovative solution that promotes successful farrowing and pig livability through a palatable, proprietary blend of Alltech ingredients. 

During World Pork Expo, our Ann Hess caught up with Andy Rash, general manager of Alltech’s U.S. swine business to find out more about Triad and what opportunities it has to offer hog producers. 

As Rash explains, sow throughput can be compromised by a higher incidence of stillborn pigs and pre-wean death losses, decreasing overall performance for swine producers. Effective during short feeding intervals, Triad supports sows during parturition and lessened pre-wean mortality, driving more pigs and more pounds long-term.

“Helping producers keep more pigs they work so hard to produce in the production chain is a great challenge to address,” Rash said. “The industry makes such a large investment in total pigs born but focusing on pigs weaned is the real opportunity.”

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