Merck Animal Health introduces Sequivity with Microsol Diluvac Forte

Innovative technology provides swine producers with a safe, flexible vaccine platform.

March 26, 2024

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Merck Animal Health has received license approval from the USDA for Sequivity with Microsol Diluvac Forte (MDF) adjuvant prescription vaccine for use in gilts and sows.

The vaccine utilizes the innovative RNA Particle Technology that is part of its legacy Sequivity platform combined with the power of MDF, the same trusted adjuvant used in Circumvent and Porcilis Ileitis products, to create safe, flexible, and precise vaccines to fit the unique needs of specific herds. MDF enhances the immune response to the antigens and increases the duration of immunity. The Sequivity vaccine prescription platform creates custom products for influenza, rotavirus, PCV3, sapovirus and more.

The Sequivity technology is a revolutionary, flexible, rapid and targeted vaccine production platform incorporating immuno-precision capabilities that protect against a wide range of disease-causing viral and bacterial pathogens in swine. While traditional vaccines can take years to develop, this technology can provide a solution in a very short timeframe. By using carefully selected gene sequences, the production platform enables the targeted creation of a vaccine as needed for rapidly evolving pathogens, thereby offering a precise solution to existing and evolving disease challenges.

“Merck Animal Health continues to shape the future of animal health by introducing innovative, science-driven ways to improve swine health and performance,” said Jeremy Maurer, V.M.D., associate director of U.S. Livestock Insights and Outcomes for Merck Animal Health. “We are excited to offer a new vaccine with an adjuvant using our Sequivity technology that builds on the legacy of our innovative RNA Particle vaccine platform. It’s all supported by our web-based Sequivity dashboard to help swine producers and veterinarians make data-driven decisions based on relevant insights to address herd-specific needs.”

The vaccine comes in two bottles, a frozen antigen bottle and a diluent bottle, and is mixed at the point of use.

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