Control SRD and ileitis with less time, stress and expense

If illness attacks your swine barn, water medication treats pigs faster and with less stress.

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When it comes to herd health, swine diseases don't discriminate. Swine respiratory disease and ileitis can affect a single pen or spread throughout the herd during nearly any production phase. Once your licensed veterinarian has diagnosed the illness, the next step is choosing the best treatment method for the challenge.

Water-soluble medications treat pigs faster and with less stress and expense than feed and injectable options. Water-soluble medications are economical, effective tools to treat pigs faster when delivered using correct mixing protocols and quality water through a clean water system.

Ease of administration

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Administering medication through water lines is a low-stress method for you and your pigs compared to other alternatives. Water-soluble medication can be prepared right in the barn for timely administration. When water-soluble medication is mixed with clean, quality water, the granules dissolve completely for accurate dosing. Pigs cannot sort out any portion of the dissolved medication like they do with feed. You know your pigs are receiving the full benefits of the treatment as they drink. With water solubles you can treat an entire herd or target a single pen.

When time is of the essence, water-soluble medications are a dependable solution. Depending on the medication, they can reach peak blood levels in less than two hours following administration. They also provide the benefit of a short-treatment cycle of just five days and no withdrawal period before processing for maximum flexibility at finishing.

Minimal labor and cost

Administering medication through water lowers the overall cost associated with treatment because water administration requires less time and labor than other treatment methods. The ability to treat a select group of pigs or the entire barn using the existing water system requires less time and labor than treating individual pigs with injectable medications or adjusting feed rations.

Needle-free treatment requires no extra time for barn staff and reduces stress for your pigs. It also eliminates the risks associated with improper injection techniques, including injection-site reactions, as well as the potential for broken needles, dropped needles, accidental needlesticks to employees and unsafe disposal of needles.

Effective, judicious treatment

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Pigs will typically continue to drink water when ill, even if their feed intake drops from loss of appetite. They are even more likely to keep drinking when water is clean and tastes good, which is why water quality is critically important for accurate, effective delivery of medications.

Following proper mixing instructions, including using the correct amount of water and stirring adequately, ensures the medication is fully dissolved for accurate dosing. Accurate dosing promotes the responsible use of antibiotics because it minimizes excess use of antibiotics and saves you the cost of additional treatment.

Water-soluble medication is an effective, reliable treatment against SRD and ileitis when your pigs need it most. Learn more about water-soluble medications, such as Aivlosin (62.5% w/w tylvalosin as Tylvalosin Tartrate) Water Soluble Granules and find dosing directions for your pigs' drinking water system.


Important Safety Information: Available under prescription only. AIVLOSIN is indicated for the control of swine respiratory disease (SRD) associated with Bordetella bronchiseptica, Haemophilus parasuis, Pasteurella multocida and Streptococcus suis, or porcine proliferative enteropathy (PPE) associated with Lawsonia intracellularis, in groups of swine in buildings experiencing an outbreak of either disease. For use only in drinking water of pigs. Not for use in lactating or pregnant females, or males and females intended for breeding. People with known hypersensitivity to Tylvalosin tartrate should avoid contact with this product. When used in accordance with label directions, no withdrawal period is required before slaughter for human consumption.

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