Bosnia-Herzegovina reports first African swine fever outbreak

Number of outbreaks of ASF in pigs and cases reported in wild boar in the European Union decreased considerably in 2022.

June 26, 2023

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Bosnia-Herzegovina has recorded its first occurence of African swine fever. The World Organization for Animal Health confirmed the virus was detected via polymerase chain reaction at the PI Veterinary Institute of Republic of Srpska "Dr. Vaso Butozan" Banja Luka on June 22. The pig was from a farm near Bijeljina, in the northeast part of the country, near the border with Serbia.

According to a recent report published by the European Food Safety Authority, the number of outbreaks of ASF in pigs and cases reported in wild boar in the European Union fell considerably in 2022 compared to the previous year. In 2022, ASF outbreaks among domestic pigs in the EU decreased by 79% compared to 2021.

Eight EU countries (Bulgaria, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania and Slovakia) and four non-EU neighbouring countries (Moldova, North Macedonia, Serbia and Ukraine) reported outbreaks in domestic pigs. Romania was the most affected EU country with 327 outbreaks, representing 87% of the total EU outbreaks. Serbia was the most affected non-EU country of those included in the report, with 107 outbreaks. 

Regarding wild boar, 40% fewer cases were reported in the EU during 2022 compared to 2021. Eleven EU Member States (Czechia, Estonia and Hungary in addition to the member states with outbreaks among domestic pigs) and four non-EU countries (Moldova, North Macedonia, Serbia and Ukraine) notified ASF cases in wild boar.

To support the continuing efforts to control the spread of the virus, EFSA is extending its StopASF campaign in 2023. The campaign raises awareness among farmers, hunters and veterinarians in the EU and surrounding countries about how to detect, prevent and report ASF. 

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