Strategies to more effective PRRS management during the winter season

SOURCE is a new tool to help understand strategies to maximize PRRS immunity, reduce exposure and transmission during winter months. 

October 1, 2015

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Strategies to more effective PRRS management during the winter season

SPONSORED: Colder weather brings its own unique challenges to swine production. In addition to increased demands on pig performance and production, incidence of respiratory diseases, such as porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome, also tend to increase during winter months.

Extensive research shows that the key to effective PRRS control involves maximizing both pig and herd immunity to the disease in order to mitigate consequences of infection when it occurs and reduce virus circulation. Maintaining a high level of uniform immunity within the herd improves overall pig health and performance, which are direct benefits of vaccine-derived immunity.

Further, high level immunity reduces transmission of PRRS virus circulating between herds and within vaccinated populations, providing the indirect benefit of vaccine-derived immunity.

To help producers more effectively manage PRRS, Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica Inc. (BIVI) has developed PRRS reSOURCE as another tool to support the company’s five-step PRRS control strategy. SOURCE is a systematic approach to PRRS management and control that incorporates the disease control principles of immunity, exposure and transmission, based on the company’s decades of experience and extensive research into PRRS and from Area Regional Control programs across the country.

SOURCE is an acronym, with each letter representing one of five steps in the protocol: State desired goals; Obtain current status; Understand and Reduce current risk factors; Construct solutions; and Execute and monitor solutions. Each step of SOURCE helps producers to objectively evaluate all components of their production systems, assess various risk factors and, based on that information, develop and execute proper management solutions that best fit their farm goals.

When applied by producers and veterinarians, SOURCE is a logical, science-based approach to more effective PRRS control and management. This approach, when used in conjunction with thorough risk assessment and immunity management through a strategic vaccination program with Ingelvac® PRRS vaccines, has proven highly effective in helping the industry manage this costly disease.

SOURCE also is a consolidated information resource that provides easy access to extensive PRRS research and swine technical and diagnostic expertise. The web-based site ( includes links to additional BIVI, university and industry sites and information regarding risk analysis and herd management plans. This includes information from Iowa State University, University of Minnesota and University of California Davis’ Disease Bioportal, which provides access to global swine disease monitoring and surveillance data.

Additional PRRS research information that producers and veterinarians may find helpful in managing PRRS this winter can be accessed from presentations given at recent North American PRRS Symposiums and PRRS At The Meeting Programs with the Morrison Group. These can be found on SwineCast at

These swine disease resources and PRRS management protocols, along with PRRS ReSOURCE website, provide the industry with additional effective tools to better control and manage PRRS heading into the winter season.  For more information on PRRS SOURCE, visit

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