Burning questions kids ask about pig farming

Cheryl Day, Former Editor

April 28, 2016

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Fair Oaks Farm provides an escape to the country and a welcoming environment for the public to learn about modern farming practices. Over 110,000 visitors came to Fair Oaks, Ind., to reconnect with the family farm. While the first animal adventure was the Dairy Adventure, the Pig Adventure is now drawing many to view the world of real pig farming. Last year over 80,000 people watch the glass-enclosed, overhead panoramic view of the sows and pigs at Legacy Farms.

The Pig Adventure at Fair Oaks Farm is a work in progress. The Legacy Farms opened in August 2013, the pig educational center opened in June 2015 and soon the third phase will be the distance learning initiative.

Megan Inskeep, a local  veterinarian with Rensselaer Swine Services in Rensselaer, Ind., who works with the farm, shared with the American Association of Swine Veterinarians the common questions and concerns visitors voice while visiting Legacy Farms.

In this gallery, we recap the top questions the kids ask the Fair Oaks Farm team while visiting the farrowing and gestation barns. The staff did share with Inskeep that the most difficult things to explain were the facts around slaughter, farrowing and euthanasia. 

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Cheryl Day

Former Editor, National Hog Farmer

Cheryl Day is a former editor of National Hog Farmer.

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