Walk inside Topigs Norsvin Delta Canada Research Center

So, what does it take to make the cut as an elite boar selected for artificial insemination centers around the world? We walk you through the process in this slideshow.

June 29, 2018

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Only 50 boars from a pool of 53,125 potential candidates each year are chosen for central and international artificial insemination centers.  

Topigs Norsvin team walk the public and hog farmers from around the world through a brand new research center — Delta Canada — equipped with the latest technology to identify the cream of the crop boar studs to increase the progress in its Z-line and TN Tempo genetic lines.

The new $12 million research center near Woodlands in Manitoba, Canada, will test 7,500 top boars each year. Unique to the testing station is the CT scanning, increasing accuracy in the information collected. Delta Canada and its sister research center Delta in Norway are the only facilities around the world with this capability.

Delta in Norway has been in operation since 2008. All testing information from around the world is entered into one database. Currently, the database holds 40 million pig records. Delta Canada will be adding information daily to that database.

So, what does it take to make the cut to be among the 50 boars selected to be stud for commercial farms in 54 countries? We have the scoop. In this slideshow, we take you through the entire process. So, step inside and find out how elite boars are selected.

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