Boehringer Ingelheim introduces new swine vaccine

Producers offered new tool to help combat PPV and PRRS.

September 3, 2021

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Reproductive disease in swine herds can be extremely costly for producers, not only impacting overall herd health, but also the bottom line. Often found in combination with one another, these diseases can cause reproductive failure, characterized by the presence of mummies and stillborn piglets, in addition to infertility and an irregular return to estrus.

Three of the most common diseases impacting breeding herds are porcine parvovirus (PPV), porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome (PRRS) and porcine circovirus Type 2 (PCV2). More than 70% of reproductive failures linked to an infectious agent are related to one of these three viruses.

Now, producers have a new tool in their arsenal to help combat PPV and PRRS. FLEX ParvoPRRS is the first vaccine to combine the efficacy and safety of industry-leading Reprocyc ParvoFLEX for PPV and Ingelvac PRRSFLEX MLV for PRRS.

FLEX PARVOPRRS has been proven to deliver safe, consistent results. It supports mass vaccination protocols in breeding herds and is safe for every stage of gestation and lactation.

In a recent PPV challenge study comparing gilts vaccinated with FLEX PARVOPRRS to non-vaccinated control gilts, only 20% of fetuses from the non-vaccinated group were in normal condition compared to 98% of fetuses from the vaccinated group. This demonstrates that vaccination with FLEX PARVOPRRS supports reproductive health and helps maximize healthy litters in the face of a PPV challenge. None of the vaccinated gilts became viremic following challenge, while 20 of the 22 non-vaccinated gilts were viremic at seven days post challenge.

Similar positive results were shown in a PRRS challenge study, where gilts vaccinated with FLEX PARVOPRRS farrowed significantly more healthy, live pigs (54.7%) than non-vaccinated control gilts (16.9%). In addition, significantly higher average daily weight gain was observed among pigs farrowed from gilts vaccinated with FLEX PARVOPRRS than non-vaccinated control gilts.

“We are excited to offer a combination PPV and PRRS vaccine as a cost-effective option to protect breeding herds against the economic and health impacts of these diseases,” said Dr. Greg Cline, senior key account veterinarian of Boehringer Ingelheim. “FLEX PARVOPRRS also gives producers greater flexibility in terms of vaccination timing, allowing it to fit into many different protocols.”



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