African swine fever spreading in Europe

August 24, 2015

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African swine fever spreading in Europe

African swine fever, and its impact, is spreading overseas.

According to a report from Pigs in Ukraine and in the World, this year has been challenging as ASF has been found in several northern regions of the Ukraine, mostly in wild boars and in backyard settings.

But then on July 28, the disease was detected in one of the largest commercial hog operations in the Kiev region. Per Ukrainian instructions on handling ASF outbreaks, all animals (almost 63,000 head) were killed and burned.

Speculation of how the farm became infected with ASF center on three theories: neglect of biosecurity, transfer through feed or wild boars.

On its website, the Kyiv Post reports the spread of ASF throughout Ukraine.

A new case of ASF has been registered at Kozatska Agrofirm LLC in the Sumy region, where 400 pigs were fed, according to a report on the portal of the Association of Pig Breeders of Ukraine, referring to the owners of the farm.

The Kyiv Post also reports that the Ukraine State Veterinary and Biosecurity Service is consulting with similar services in Russia, Belarus and the European Union to discuss the regionalization of pork supplies and pork production due to ASF.

Meanwhile, reports that the Baltic States and Poland are seeking financial support in their battle against ASF. According to a statement from Latvia’s Ministry of Agriculture, the countries have asked the European Commission to raise funding for anti-epizootic measures from the current level of 75% to 100% of all costs for the next three to five year. Click here to read that full story.

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