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May 1, 2015

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The Crush app from Hubbard helps farmers ‘get real’

Whether your online platform of choice is a hand-held device, tablet, laptop or you don’t even know what an online platform is, Hubbard Feeds has developed the tools to provide customers immediate access to the information they need to make smart marketing decisions.

New to the line-up is The Crush, a proprietary production profitability app that allows farmers to get real-time, reliable market data to identify opportunities and make decisions that will capture the greatest profitability potential, while reducing the impact of market volatility.

The Crush accesses market data from the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and applies current
prices to their projected commodity ingredient usage. Using corn and soybean meal costs along with lean hog futures pricing for up to 12 months into the future, farmers can pinpoint the most advantageous market opportunities.

“One of the biggest requests we receive from our customers is how to reduce risk and accurately project – and protect – future profit,” says Jamie Pietig, Hubbard Feeds nutritionist who was instrumental in the creation of The Crush.

 “We developed The Crush to answer these questions and provide accurate, reliable real-time information so producers can make marketing decisions based on sound, current information,” he says.

“Having these tools at our fingertips allows Hubbard customers to make better decisions regarding their farming operation,” Pietig says.

Multiple platforms

Available on multiple platforms, using The Crush on a smart phone platform can give producers a clear picture of how the markets will impact their operation, without having to log on to an office computer.

“When a customer is in a tractor and hears that corn has gone
up the limit and hogs have gone down the limit, they can open The Crush app on their phone and understand the impact on their farm’s profit margin,” Pietig says.

The Crush automatically refreshes, updating market data used in the production model and measuring changes that may affect the operation. Before, farmers had to spend time recalculating costs and potential returns whenever the commodity markets made significant moves.  Now these functions can be automatic and highly accurate.

Producers can choose a pre-determined feeding program to calculate commodity usage or enter their actual feeding program to more accurately project feed needs.  Data can be viewed and compared in several different chart configurations.


Boomers to millennials

Hubbard customers now using The Crush represent a wide range of age and farm size. “It’s an amazing cross-section of our customers that are using The Crush, small and large farms, younger and older customers,” Pietig says.

Hubbard representatives will assist customers in setting up the app so information is entered accurately and the program set up to best reflect each and every farming operation.

“The Crush is not complicated. Once the data is entered, is easy to use and presents a very accurate picture of the operation,” he says. “The Crush gives users a clearer picture of the market, which will, we hope, help customers lock in some profits, Pietig says.

“It really takes the volatility out of the business and adds value through real-time, reliable information. It lets our customers just be pig farmers, which is what they’re so good at.”

For more information on putting The Crush to work on your farm, contact Lori Stevermer, Hubbard Feeds marketing specialist, 507-388-9471 or [email protected].

To learn more about using Hubbard Feeds apps, visit www.hubbardapps.com.


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