Tonisity launches third product in its isotonic drink range

Isotonic milk replacer additive helps piglets overcome key productivity hurdles.

November 22, 2022

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Tonisity International Limited has launched Tonisity PxM – an isotonic milk replacer additive that helps piglets overcome key productivity hurdles. PxM is Tonisity's third product of its unique isotonic drink range for the enhancement of swine production.

Tonisity PxM is a bioactive pack specifically formulated to be mixed with milk replacers, which are widely used in farrowing houses to supplement the sows' milk. PxM includes Tonisity's gut-enhancing bioactives in a milk replacer compatible formula and will be highly complementary to Tonisity's existing swine products, Tonisity Px and Tonisity PxW, which are focused on the farrowing and weaning stages of the lives of piglets.

"With the ongoing challenges of pig production worldwide, it is clear that litters need additional nutrition," said Mathieu Cortyl, managing director for Tonisity International. "Tonisity PxM is an innovative solution that is easy to use, results in important production gains and will produce significant returns on investment for customers. We are proud to be adding another cutting-edge product to our suite of isotonic swine products."

Administering PxM on farms is very straightforward – as it is simply mixed with milk replacers in existing delivery systems on the farms. Tonisity PxM is flexible since it is designed to match the milk replacer administration schedule of the farm. Only 0.5% of PxM is required to be added to the liquid milk replacer.

In a recent trial at a 400-sow farm in Eastern Europe, Tonisity PxM was administered over a period of 17 days and resulted in a 51% reduction in pre-weaning mortality, with +36 extra piglets gained per 1,000 born. [1] Further, the pigs gained 220 grams of extra weaning weight [2], giving the farm an 11:1 return on investment.

"We were delighted to hear about Tonisity PxM and asked to test it immediately. We simply mixed it in the milk replacer, and the well-known benefits of Tonisity's bioactives were quick to appear," said Mihai Condu, manager at the Agromar farm in Romania, and who conducted the PxM evaluation. "The piglets drank the milk replacer better and were more active. Pre-weaning mortality halved, and we weaned heavier, more uniform pigs. With Tonisity PxM, we are able to provide additional support to the intestine of these young piglets. As a result, we have more, better quality and healthier pigs for sale. This is the biggest improvement our team has ever seen."

Tonisity PxM was launched at the EuroTier trade fair in Hanover, Germany on Nov. 15. Tonisity expects to begin selling Tonisity PxM to its customers that use milk replacers in December 2022.

[1] N=398 piglets, *P=0.08.

[2] P=0.28 – 306 litters would be needed for the differences to be significant at P<0.05.

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