Putting a face on Iowa We Care principles

Kevin and Lisa Rasmussen passionate about sharing the story of the Iowa pork producer.

Kevin.Schulz, senior content specialist

January 22, 2020

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Lisa and Kevin Rasmussen, Goldfield, Iowa
Lisa and Kevin Rasmussen, Goldfield, Iowa

Proper pig care is nothing new for U.S. pork producers, as they privately go about their business in the comfortable confines of their barns. Doing what is right for the pigs benefits the individual producers, as well as the entire industry as a whole.

Due to biosecurity issues, producers have sought to keep a close watch on access to barns, closing out the outside world to what goes on in hog production facilities. While maintaining proper biosecurity measures, Kevin and Lisa Rasmussen of Goldfield, Iowa, are passionate about hog production and they know the importance of opening their operation to the outside world. As Lisa Rasmussen puts it, "we have to tell our story before someone else tells it for us."

The Rasmussens are the first faces of the We Care program for the Iowa Pork Producers Association, and they welcome the opportunity to share their story and their passion.

National Hog Farmer caught up with the Rasmussens during the Iowa Pork Congress this week in Des Moines to share their passion.


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