National Hog Farmer, Genesus unveil 2020 Global Mega Producer list

There are now 34 mega producers that together own more than 11.5 million sows, adding more than 2.5 million sows to global production.

Ann Hess, Content Director

May 27, 2020

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National Hog Farmer/Melissa Landgraf

First it was tariffs, trade and African swine fever. Now it is COVID-19 that is creating great uncertainty in global swine markets. Since National Hog Farmer published the 2019 Global Mega Producer list, there have been severe disruptions to the global pork supply chain, and there will no doubt be more on the horizon.

The global swine industry will most likely transform significantly over the next year, and all eyes will be on these leading pork production companies to see how they weather the storm.

Here are key findings on 2020 Global Mega Producers:

  1. There are now 34 mega producers that together own more than 11.5 million sows, adding more than 2.5 million sows to global production. 

  2. Wens and Muyuan are now at the top of the GMP list, ahead of Smithfield Foods, but it should be noted that Smithfield is no longer publicly releasing its production numbers and 2019 report figures were used. Muyuan doubled its production to go from fourth on the list in 2019 to second in 2020.

  3. The mega producers remain spread across nine countries, with China adding three companies, Brazil two, and the United States one to the 2020 Global Mega Producer list.

  4. The United States and China are tied for having the most mega producers, with each having 11 on the list.

  5. As for significant increases in sow numbers, China had some of the biggest jumps in herd size: Muyuan grew by 603,000, CP Foods by 350,000 and New Hope by 340,000.

  6. Clemens Food Group, Dekon, DaBeiNong, Twins Group, Seara Foods and Frimesa Coop made their debut on the 2020 GMP list with 110,000; 100,000; 103,000; 200,000; 213,000; and 120,000 sows, respectively.

We invite you to explore the complete listing of the companies that made up this year's Global Mega Producer list and to take a comprehensive look at global pork industry numbers.

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