Max Armstrong thanks people of Minnesota for welcome yesterday. (audio)

August 3, 2017

The Christian school in Minneapolis not far from banks of Mississippi has been around for 104 years. Part of the school was leveled in gas explosion yesterday. Two staff members were killed and nine injured, but it could have been much worst.

It's likely a number of Republican businessmen and women are calling up the president saying they understand the intent, but are concerned about new immigration policy. Current low-skilled immigration system hasn't been fair to our workers, Trump says. Problem with that is that immigrant workers have embraced jobs that U.S. workers have turned away from.

It's a week from today that USDA will come out with its August crop report. Private estimates are coming out this week. Soybean yield up at almost 48 bushels per acre in one private survey.

Heart felt thank you to Lynn Ketelsen of Linder Farm Network for welcome yesterday at Farmfest and to Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton for certificate of recognition awarded to me yesterday.

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