Max Armstrong remembers the grain embargo put in place 37 years ago today. (podcast)

January 5, 2017

Some days just stick in your memory. Jan. 4, 1980, is one of those days for Max. It was a Friday afternoon 37 years ago that then-president Jimmy Carter put the tragic grain embargo into effect. The embargo was put in place to punish the Soviet Union for their invasion of Afghanistan, but it ended up hurting U.S. farmers. He hopes the tragedy of that trade embargo is never repeated.

United Van Lines tracks where people are coming and going. New Jersey is the No. 1 state for people leaving. Illinois ranks second. Others in the top 10 include Kansas, Kentucky and Ohio. Where are people moving to? South Dakota ranks first on the United Van Lines list.

By the way, South Dakota holds the distinction of having the greatest temperature swing in the continental United States. The temperature went from -4 to 45 and back to -4 in two minutes, cracking all the windows in town.

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