March 2014 National Hog Farmer New Products

March 14, 2014

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March 2014 National Hog Farmer New Products

Nipple Bracket System

PigEasy LLC has announced the introduction of the SnoutSpout, a double-nipple bracket system that is uniquely designed to mount to virtually any divider on either individual farrowing stalls or farrowing pens. Made with injection-molded plastic, the SnoutSpout allows the threaded fittings to seal and not seize up over time. The SnoutSpout features a large, flat plate that securely bolts the bracket to the divider so it won’t move, enabling the sow always to have access to water. Because the bracket system is made of plastic, the flat plate can be cut or retrofitted for installation around any kind of barrier. The watering nipples on the SnoutSpout lie close to the divider to prevent injury to the sow when moving from the farrowing stall or pen, yet angle out for easy access. “When searching for nipple brackets for my own operation, I became frustrated with the lack of options on the market,” says PigEasy owner Dave Klocke. “The SnoutSpout was created with the PigEasy philosophy; it is easy to install and maintain, which means you can focus your time and effort on tasks that really matter.” To learn more, call 888-354-0112 or visit

Pneumonia Vaccine

Newport Laboratories has introduced the addition of MAINSAIL, a Mycoplasma pneumonia bacterin, to its swine product portfolio. MAINSAIL is manufactured by ProtaTek International, St. Paul, MN. It is a single-dose bacterin manufactured with a novel dual-adjuvant system. MAINSAIL is for use in healthy pigs of all breeds, 3 weeks of age and older, as an aid in the reduction of lung lesions due to swine enzoonotic pneumonia caused by Mycoplasma pneumonia. A 1.0-ml dose administered intramuscularly offers at least 194 days’ duration of immunity. The single dose reduces handling time and animal stress with minimal tissue disruption. The enhanced adjuvant system offers excellent syringeability and a 21-day withdrawal period. It is available in 100-, 250- and 500-dose sizes. For more information, call 800-220-2522 or visit

Starter Pig Ingredient

Nutriquest has announced the launch of Evosure, its new specialty ingredient developed to optimize starter pig performance. Evosure is made to meet the needs of pig producers who are looking for new methods of improving starter pig performance. “Evosure has demonstrated positive results through multiple replicated trials, and will be beneficial to producers operating in ever-changing economic and production landscapes,” says Chad Hagen, Nutriquest senior vice president. The new specialty feed ingredient was tested on more than 7,800 pigs in seven controlled, highly replicated research trials conducted in commercial production environments. Nutriquest recommends combining its two yeast-based technologies to maximize starter pig performance: CEL-CAN in sow diets for heavier pigs at weaning, and Evosure in starter diets to improve nursery performance to optimize overall pig performance and profitability. For more information, call 641-424-4798 or visit




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Composting Product

Brookside Agra has introduced Advanced Bio Pro Concentrate and a composting protocol to help hide the odor associated with carcass composting. Advanced Bio Pro Concentrate works to help increase the activity rate of both naturally occurring and bio-augmented microbes. It helps to remove 95% of odor within three days, absorbs odors until bacteria can digest organics and reduces composting time by 30%-50%. The product also controls hazardous gases, assists with meeting discharge parameters and helps to eliminate fruit fly and mosquito larvae. For more information, call 618-628-8300, ext. 23, or visit    

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