Increased expenses, risk management and more

What farm financials should be monitored more closely in 2023 and why?

May 31, 2023

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Increased expenses, risk management and more

Farm financials should be a tool used in decision-making and communicating with lenders and stakeholders. But what should be monitored more closely in 2023 and why?

In this episode of SwineTime, host Spencer Wayne, DVM, sits down with Damon Vander Maten, director of FarmBooks for Pipestone Business. Wayne and Vander Maten talk about the accounting demands on producers and define what it means to be financially sustainable. Damon also details FarmBooks, the platform designed by Pipestone Business to provide pork producers with the detailed financial information they need to proactively manage their operations. He explains how the program came to be and what value it provides on the farm.

Wayne and Vander Maten talk about increased expenses, risk management and more. This episode also reminds producers to review key items and offers ideas to improve reporting. Listen in to learn how the team at FarmBooks works with producers to provide reliable financials for an entire operation, not just the pork entity of an operation.

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SwineTime Podcast Episode 45: Money with Damon

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